The 49ers Reportedly Tried To Pull Off Blockbuster Trade For Aaron Rodgers Before The Draft

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The San Francisco 49ers, who are in desperate need of a QB, apparently tried to see if the Green Bay Packers would actually consider trading away Aaron Rodgers.

Vikings announcer Paul Allen was somehow able to get the scoop that the Niners made a run at the Packers’ QB ahead of the draft.

I have steam the 49ers went sniffing around Aaron Rodgers last night and summarily they were shut down.

The third pick along with Jimmy Garoppolo and potentially four other picks and two next year potentially. It’s moot now, the steam I feel is pretty good but the results weren’t necessarily the same.

Allen’s report was later confirmed by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

As of now, it appears the Niners are either pricing Trey Lance or Mac Jones and keeping Jimmy G.