Saquon Barkley Shows Off RIDICULOUS Leg Strength By Jump Squatting Out Of A Pool

Saquon Barkley Pool Jump


Saquon Barkley might have the strongest pair of legs on the planet. The strength of both his legs has been on display before like when he box squatted an insane amount of weight

Barkley was getting in a little pool time before the New York Giants start training camp on Tuesday. The star running back figured out a way to get in an insane leg workout while still enjoying a dip in the chlorine goodness.

Naturally, Barkley’s pool workout goes above and beyond normal.

If I’m doing a leg workout in the water, it involves treading water for a few seconds or just swimming until my lungs give out.

Nope, Barkley is working on his insane leg strength by JUMPING OUT of a damn pool.

The video is exhibit A as to why Barkley gained the nickname “Saquads.”

To add to the insanity, Barkely seems to be holding a damn kettlebell.

What in the hell? A shark attack would be the only way I’d be able to jump out of a pool like that, and the last time I checked, sharks don’t hang out in backyard pools.

Here’s Saquon Barkley’s punishing offseason workout and training regime if you want to give it a shot.

You and your legs will probably regret every moment.


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