Cocky Goalie Steals Ball Then Has His Soul Destroyed With Blooper Of The Year

Scott Fox is the goalkeeper for Ross County in the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). Right now, he’s probably walking around with the most bruised ego in all of Scotland after getting absolutely clowned by Alfredo Morelos at the Global Energy Stadium.

Keeper Scott Fox actually managed to make a pretty great move on the ball and steal it away, that’s when the hubris got the best of him. Instead of clearing the ball back into play he lingered, and then he had his soul destroyed. Morelos took the ball back, knocked Scott Fox to the ground, and scored the easiest goal that anyone is going to see in the SPFL this season.

Maybe, just maybe, we should cut this guy some slack. He’s a professional athlete and probably thinks he’s the cock of the walk. Sure, he forgot that his only job is to keep the ball out of the net but he’ll rebound, I’m sure. So what if he cost the team the game, right?? Shit happens, and we got a great blooper out of it. Misery is part of sports. (h/t Deadspin)

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