Seahawks Fan Dies Of Heart Attack Hours After Super Bowl, Wife Takes One Last Shot At Bad Play Call In His Obituary

The stress of sports will put most men in an early grave. Who cares about the players, I’m talking about us fans.

For example, a Seahawks fan dropped dead hours after the Seattle Seahawks heartbreaking (pun) loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and his wife took his passing as an opportunity to take one last shot at Pete Carroll’s choice of throwing at the goal line.

Michael Vedvik was a longtime Seahawks fan. So his wife thinks he’d laugh about the last line in his obituary today: “We blame the Seahawks lousy play call for Mike’s untimely death.”

Funny, yes, but not exactly the truth. Vedvik died without even watching the soul crushing loss on that fateful Sunday. He wasn’t feeling that great and actually recorded the game to watch once he was feeling better.

But Mike Vedvik recorded the game, intending to watch it later, his wife says. “He hadn’t been feeling well on and off, but he wouldn’t go to the doctor. He thought it was indigestion or stress,” she says.

Stephanie Vedvik found her 53-year-old husband dead at 7 a.m. in their Kent, Washington home; doctors think he died at about 4 a.m., she says.

It’s probably for the best that he went peacefully in his sleep. That ending would have killed him on the spot.

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