Seahawks Fan Reduced To Tears From Touching Christmas Gift After Meeting Player’s Girlfriend

This Seattle Seahawks superfan received his amazing Christmas gift four days thanks to the girlfriend of one of the players.

Alex Hughes is a huge Seahawks fan, but it’s tough for him to be a part of their “12th Man” home stadium advantage because he lives in Tulsa, Okla. However when the Seahawks were in Kansas City to take on the Chiefs Hughes traveled to the game to see his beloved team. The night before, he wore his Seattle jacket while barhopping with friends. Suddenly a woman stopped him in the street and asked if she could wear his Seahawks jersey for a photo. She wanted to send it to her boyfriend, Seahawks running back Robert Turbin. Hughes doubted her story until she began showing him text messages on her phone, and then showed a picture of him on her Instagram page.

After the photo, Hughes asked her if there was any way he could meet Turbin and have his 12th Man flag signed. She responded, “Sure, just give me call after the game and you can come to the bus and meet him.” However on the day of the game his phone died and he had no way of contacting her. He walked around the stadium for an hour after the game ended in search of her, but no luck.

But a week later she messaged him on Instagram asking for his address because her boyfriend would do something for him. Nothing happened for three weeks. Until a large box from Seattle arrived at his door.

His wife recorded the special opening of the special Christmas gift. He allowed his young son to open the mysterious box, which really added to the intrigue because just like all little kids, they have no idea on how to open boxes and it took much longer than it should have. Once the box was finally opened, the gift inside caused Alex to get emotional and bury his face in his hands with happiness.

The early Christmas gift was a Seahawks helmet signed by the team.

“I was just happy to get anything… and then to get this with 30 signatures on it… I just imagine Robert taking the time for some stranger to walk around his locker room and bug his friends to sign some thing for some guy in Oklahoma – that’s incredible that you could have a job that can make somebody that happy,” an exasperated Alex said.

“Robert, I don’t know if he’s going to see this but thank you a million times over. I don’t know how I could ever repay him, but it’s just an incredible thing that he’s done for me. He’s my favorite athlete now — Turbo,” Hughes declared.

Alex said he’s bought a helmet case for it and is on display in his son’s room, despite his son torturing him with the extremely lengthy package-opening sequence.