This Seahawks Video About Green Beret-Turned-Long Snapper Nate Boyer Is Inspirational As Hell

A couple of months ago we brought you the story of Green Beret Nate Boyer and his incredible journey to becoming a long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks.

I won’t rehash all the amazing details that went into our original story (please do check it out here after you watch the video below, tremendous read), but there were a few quotes by Nate Boyer that caught my eye and deserve revisiting to give you some idea of what the guy is all about in case you missed it.

In an interview he did with Rich Eisen, Boyer had this to say about what it would mean to him to make the NFL…

“It’s really hard to put into words. It would be indescribable, not just for me, but for the guys who I fought with and the guys that made the ultimate sacrifice. The guys that are fighting today whether they’re overseas or back home. The suicide rate among veterans is uncanny, 22 a day are killed by suicide. That’s something that I’m very passionate about in fixing. There’s an organization that I’m working with called #22Kill, that’s all about empowering veterans. I want to be able to show those guys that, ‘Look no matter where you came from or what happened to you, like you can literally do anything, if you just work harder than anyone else around you. You already have sacrificed, you know how to do this.’ Just to have a team or the league itself open the doors and say, ‘Look, besides all this, on paper you may not have what we’re looking for in an NFL prospect, but you have those intangibles and we’ll at least give you a shot.’”

Boyer is a bit undersized for the job at just around 225 pounds, but he definitely seems like a Pete Carroll kind of guy, doesn’t he?