Seahawks QB Plans Are Clear After Latest Update About Geno Smith

Seahawks Geno Smith and Pete Carroll

Getty Image / Steph Chambers

The offseason is getting interesting as the NFL free agency period quickly approaches. One team to keep an eye on is the Seattle Seahawks.

New reports suggest the franchise has their quarterback plans set and it all depends on Geno Smith’s contract negotiations.

According to Dan Graziano, the Seahawks want to get a long-term deal done with Geno Smith. Additionally, it’s not likely Seattle will opt to use the tag on him.

So, basically, the Seahawks want to re-sign Geno Smith to a long-term deal but aren’t willing to use the franchise tag on him to keep him in Seattle if they can’t reach an agreement.

This makes complete sense for this team considering they have a pick within the top 10 of the NFL Draft.

The Seahawks are in a great position this offseason, as the team was substantially better than expected in 2022. There is reason to believe this franchise can win with Geno Smith under center.

At the same time, Smith is 32 years old and isn’t getting any younger.

Even so, he still likely has several years remaining in the league. Considering the Seahawks have solid draft capital, they have a chance to build a legitimate playoff contender with Geno Smith leading the way.

We’ll see how it plays out, but Seatle’s quarterback situation is one to keep an eye on throughout the offseason.