Sean O’Malley Reveals Future Plans While Throwing Shade At Gervonta Davis

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Sean O’Malley wants to step into a boxing ring with Gervonta Davis, but Davis doesn’t know that.

At least, that’s the UFC bantamweight champion claimed on a recent podcast appearance.

The comments came during O’Malley’s interview with Michael Bisping on the latter’s “Believe You Me” podcast.

Bisping asked the always charismatic O’Malley about his future plans now that he’s the champion. And O’Malley gave him an in-depth answer with a complete rundown of what’s to come. At least, if he’s the one calling the shots.

“Pay-per-view points next fight is very exciting,” O’Malley said.  “That has a lot of reason why I want to fight ‘Chito’ too. It’s like you look at — if it’s just who’s the next guy in line by ranking, yeah, it’s Merab [Dvalishvili]. I’m the champ. I want this. Let’s see what happens.

“I had a meeting with Dana recently and he said he’s gonna announce something very big in a few weeks. I’ll leave it at that but I know what I want and I want the biggest fights. I want to make a lot of money and I want to do big pay-per-views. That’s that and that kind of carries on to what I want next.”

But O’Malley isn’t limiting himself to the cage. He also discussed a recent call out of undefeated boxing superstar Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

“Ideally, I go out there, and I have to knock out ‘Chito,’” O’Malley said. “I can’t go win a decision, I can’t submit him, I can’t make it [boring]. I gotta go out there and knock out ‘Chito’ and then I’m gonna call out Gervonta [Davis]. I know that fight sounds silly to a lot of people but I go out there and knock out ‘Chito,’ I double in stardom. I am a massive star. But then again, Gervonta’s still not quite there. I think he’s in jail though so I don’t think anyone has told him that I want to fight him yet.”

Davis is currently serving a prison sentence for violating terms of a his house arrest stemming from a hit-and-run accident.

Though if his social media usage is any indication, we’re guessing he got O’Malley’s message loud and clear.