Fans React To The Aggressively High Concession Prices At Seattle Kraken’s New Arena

seattle kraken arena concession prices reactions

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  • NHL fans were fairly shocked by the prices being charged at the concession stands at the Seattle Kraken’s Climate Pledge Arena
  • The prices were just as high at certain locations where Amazon offers cashierless checkout
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If you’ve ever headed to a stadium or an arena to watch a sporting event in person, you’re likely well aware that the vendors tasked with serving up food and drink to fans take full advantage of the monopolistic edge they’re granted. Sure, there’s no one forcing you to spend more on a tallboy of Bud Light than you’d typically pay for a six-pack, but they know there’s a very good chance you’re still going to cave and do exactly that at some point during the game.

When NFL fans in Los Angeles made their first visit to SoFi Stadium during this year’s preseason, the venue went viral for all of the wrong reasons thanks to the absurd prices it was charging for some of the impressively underwhelming food offered at its concessions stands.

Now, the Seattle Kraken have found themselves treated to some similar treatment following the first home game of their inaugural season. On Saturday night, the team welcomed spectators to a complex that cost over $1 billion to construct and it would appear the Kraken are hoping to put a dent in that price tag based on some of the staggeringly high numbers posted on the screen at the concession stands.

It’s safe to say more than a few people took exception to the bold move to sell cans of Aquafina for $7 a pop as well as some other questionable decisions.

The naming rights to Climate Pledge Arena were secured by Amazon, and while fans were able to take advantage of cashierless stores featuring the company’s technology inside, it doesn’t appear the lack of employees required to run them translated to a discount.