Photos Of The Terrible Food Being Sold At SoFi Stadium Prove Its Viral $15 Pizza Slice Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

SoFi Stadium terrible food concessions

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  • Photos of multiple items being sold at SoFi Stadium prove the $15 slice of pizza that went viral is far from its only problem
  • Pictures of a leathery hot dog and some incredibly unappetizing sub almost make pizza look tasty in comparison
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Last year, SoFi Stadium officially opened up its doors to welcome the Chargers and the Rams, finally giving the two NFL franchises a real, actual home in Los Angeles after each team spent a few seasons biding their time at other venues in the city as they waited for construction on the massive complex in Inglewood to wrap up.

Fans of both squads were forced to watch them play the inaugural season from afar for reasons you’re all too familiar with by now, but over the weekend, almost 69,000 spectators entered the turnstiles at SoFi Stadium to get their first taste of the new facility when the Rams and the Chargers faced off in a preseason contest on Saturday.

Those in attendance were also presented with the opportunity to get a literal taste of the fare being dished out at the concessions stands as part of the highly-touted “LA Eats” program, as the stadium is home to a number of unique culinary concepts whipped up by a couple of James Beard Award recipients who drew inspiration from the city it calls home.

Unfortunately, their big reveal didn’t seem to go as planned, as SoFi Stadium’s food found itself going viral for all of the wrong reasons after pictures of the incredibly sad pieces of pizza being sold for $15 a pop started to make the rounds.

However, that pizza looks downright delicious compared to some of the other food options that were showcased in a tweet from Arash Markazi, including a couple of sandwiches that look about as appetizing as the ones served up at Fyre Festival and a hot dog that was apparently cooked by someone who’s never cooked a hot dog before.

It’s unclear how much those other items sold for, but unless they were paying people to eat them, I can safely say they were charging too much.

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