14-Year-Old Football Bro Is Being Called A ‘Hero’ After Tackling A Shoplifter And Helping The Police


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14-year-old Seattle Prep football player Kevin Merz is being called a hero after tackling a suspected shoplifter who was running from police after trying to jack an estimated $800 worth of merchandise from Target at Seattle’s Factoria Mall.

Footage shows police rushing into apprehend the suspect when out of nowhere the 14-year-old Seattle Prep football bro comes charging in and tackles the suspected shoplifter to the ground. When later asked why he got involved in the apprehending of a suspected criminal Kevin Merz said: “I’m just trying to be a good citizen.”

Here’s the footage of him taking that suspected shoplifter down with perfect tackling form:

Is it wrong for me to say that the University of Washington should just go ahead and offer this bro a football scholarship right now even though he’s only 14-years-old? I mean, that’d be the right thing for Washington to do, right? If I was coaching the Washington Huskies Football that’s sure as shit what I’d be doing right now.

KIRO7 News reports:

A 14-year-old Seattle Prep football player is being called a hero on Tuesday after he helped Bellevue police nab a suspected shoplifter.
The 32-year-old suspect was spotted stealing about $800 worth of merchandise in Target at Factoria Mall. He allegedly ran from police, through a cosmetics store and into Old Navy. Two officers, including rookie officer Stephanie Schendel, were in hot pursuit.
Surveillance video shows that once inside, he tried knocking down a ladder to stop the officers. When he tried to leave, he noticed another officer so he turned around, ran to his left. That is when Kevin Merz tackled him. Seconds later, the officers jumped into the fray, too.

I love stories like this. Just a bro out there in the world making it a better place. He didn’t need to get involved in the fracas but he saw the opportunity to lend a helping hand and he got involved.

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