Cocky Seahawks Bros Desperately Seeking Flip Cup Opponents Early Saturday Morning

The Seattle Seahawks will host the Carolina Panthers on Saturday evening but the festivities will begin several hours earlier where most good parties happen: the parking lot of a nearby Krispy Kreme.

That’s where a group of confident flip-cup-playing Bros will set up shop before the sun rises — that is, if they can get anyone to answer their Craigslist ad seeking worthy opponents.

You hear that? Chicks are more than welcome. And they’ll likely be beating down the door to play. These fellas clearly have solid senses of humor.

Honestly, I applaud these guys for their hustle and commitment to play a best-of-seven series. Sounds like the perfect way to start a day.

Best of luck to them in their search. If our office wasn’t on the completely other side of the country, we’d be there with freaking bells on.

[H/T: Craigslist]