Commuters In Philadelphia Ran Into A Major Headache Thanks To The Super Bowl

sad Philadelphia Eagles fan

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In recent years, people across the United States have rallied behind a movement to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday thanks in no small part to the crippling hangovers that have a tendency to cause a dramatic drop in productivity in the immediate wake of The Big Game.

As things currently stand, the most natural solution would involve the NFL tweaking its schedule to have the Super Bowl fall on the day before Presidents Day to give the people what they want—nay, deserve—following a long night of devouring greasy food and crushing booze.

Unfortunately, we still don’t live in a world where we’re treated to that much-needed respite.

There was little doubt people who live in the city of Philadelphia were going to be dealing with some literal and figurative headaches on Monday regardless of the outcome of Super Bowl LVII, as there weren’t many residents who didn’t devote their Sunday night to watching the Eagles take on the Chiefs.

Philly was largely spared the pole climbing, car flipping, and other extracurriculars we were treated to when Nick Foles and Co. brought the Lombardi Trophy to the City of Brotherly Love for the first time in 2018, as The Birds were unable to top Kansas City when everything was said and done.

On Monday, the city’s public transit system added some insult to injury for anyone who was relying on a bus to go about their business, as SEPTA posted a tweet warning commuters they would be facing “significant delays” due to the “operator unavailability” the agency probably should’ve seen coming but was still unable to adequately prepare for.

I can only hope that didn’t impact the unfortunate soul who was on the receiving end of the Philly Special that occurred when some rowdy Eagles fans decided it would be a good idea to flip over a car near Temple University prior to kickoff.