MMA Fighter Sergio Da Silva Arrested For Allegedly Robbing A Bank And Skating With $50,000

Facebook/TMZ composite

You may remember Sergio “The Savage” Da Silva compete against Matt Rizzo at Belator 180 in June. Da Silva losses the fight by submission after he was put into an arm-triangle choke, dropping his career record to 6-9 (nice).

Well it seems like the loss has spiraled him down to rock bottom, as the 31-year-old was arrested Thursday after allegedly robbing  his local bank in Queens, New York.

TMZ reports that Da Silva single-handedly busted into a Citibank in Queens on August 24th wearing a ski mask and allegedly jumped over a glass counter before threatening to shoot people if the teller did not give him cash.

He reportedly skated out with $50,000 in cash before police used finger print technology to bust him Thursday morning.

If convicted of the felony act, Da Silva will spend a good chunk of time in the clink.

Dude must’ve had some wild debts to settle.

[h/t TMZ]


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