This Rugby Try That Involves Seven Players Touching The Ball In Fourteen Seconds May Be The Most Elaborate Ever

Normally in a situation like this, I’d open an article of this nature with something along the lines of “Get these guys a contract!!” or “Somebody sign someone!!” but these players are actually already part of Australia’s National Rugby League, so they’re already in a pretty good spot. However, if I was the coach of their team (the Parramatta Eels), I would advocate for them to at least get a raise. I mean, if we do some simple math, each of these players had their hands on the ball for a total of two seconds and they still advanced it 40+ yards in order to score a try. That’s some of the best rugby I’ve ever seen. If these guys can’t get a slight raise, at least shell out a few bucks for them to be able to rent a couple of strippers for a post-game celebration. Maybe even pass around a hat amongst the fans. I’d toss some money in there. Donating a couple singles to be stuffed into a stripper’s underwear is a low price to see plays like this more often.

[h/t SB Nation]