Severed Leg Found During Leg Of Olympic Sailing Event As Rio Solidifies Its Spot As Top Tourist Destination

A severed leg with a tattoo on its calf was found in the bay where the Olympic sailing event was taking place and Rio seems pretty casual about it.

From The Independent:

“The leg – removed at the hip – likely belongs to another victim of violent crime in the city. It was tattooed with the word ‘Kauan’ on its calf but authorities were pessimistic its owner would be identified.”

A lightning quick Google Translation reveals ‘Kauan’ is Finnish for “long” or “ages ago”. My guess is this guy had a long-standing debt to someone that was due ages ago?

A source told The Mail Online, “It is very common to find body parts in the Guanabara Bay.”

Good to know. I’ll go ahead and cancel the snorkeling escapade. That same source said:

“It was probably someone murdered by the drugs gangs, who was dumped in one of the rivers that flow into the bay.”

Look, I know everyone’s big on pooping all over Rio, but there comes a point when you have to wonder what in the flying f*cktion cup is going on down there. Everything I hear, read, and see about this place makes my balls cringe.

Ryan Lochte got robbed at gunpoint while riding in a cab. A former Russian Olympic swimmer was held up by a pair of kids toting machine guns. The Olympic torch was followed by a Russian diplomat shooting a carjacker. A Chinese journalist got puked on, then robbed. The hotel room where the Australian Olympians were staying got ganked. A Jiu-Jitsu athlete was held by fake police and forced to withdraw money from an ATM for his ransom.

Rio de Janeiro: Where you can lose WAY more than your inhibitions.

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Via The Independent

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