Sha’Carri Richardson Bizarrely Spreads Her Legs On Camera While Blasting Her Haters After Disappointing Fifth-Place Finish

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  • Sha’Carri Richardson failed to qualify for the U.S. track and field championships after finishing fifth in the semifinals.
  • Richardson blasted the media after refusing to do interviews all weekend.
  • The former Olympic went on Instagram Live and bizarrely spread her legs on camera while responding to her haters.

Sha’Carri Richardson is lashing out after he latest disappointing race.

Richardson, who was once an Olympic hopeful before getting suspended for testing positive for Marijuana, has not been able to regain her form and is repeatedly losing badly in big races.

After finishing fifth in the 200m semifinals of the U.S. track and field championships, Richardson blasted the media for how they treat athletes.

“No. What I have to say – y’all can all take this interview and do whatever you want to do with it – I’m coming to speak not on just my behalf but all athletes’ behalf.

That when you guys do interviews, y’all should respect athletes more. Y’all should understand them coming from whether they’re winning, whether they’re losing, whatever the case may be… athletes deserve way more respect than when y’all just come and throw cameras into their faces. Understand how an athlete operates and then ask your questions. Then be more understanding of the fact that they are still human, … Y’all just trying to get something to put out an article to make a dollar.

Thank you.”

Richardson would later go on Instagram live to bizarrely spread her legs on camera and to tell people to kiss her a**.