Gamecocks Cheer Wildly As Shane Beamer Puts UK’s Mark Stoops On Blast Over Recent Comments

Gamecocks Cheer Wildly As Shane Beamer Puts UK's Mark Stoops On Blast Over Recent Comments

Getty Image / Jared C. Tilton

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks football team and the University of Kentucky Wildcats aren’t traditionally rivals. Both teams are in the SEC East Division so they’re natural rivals based on that. But outside of that there isn’t the same blood-boiling rivalry as the South Carolina and Clemson or Kentucky and Louisville.

Things could be changing after a series of escalating comments from Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer and Kentucky’s Mark Stoops. It’s a strange series of events. The perceived slights may or may not be intentional. It started back in mid-July when Shane Beamer was front and center in this Gamecocks Football hype video:

Mark Stoops appeared to escalate a feud with Shane Beamer during SEC Media Days.

After that, Kentucky’s Mark Stoops appeared to throw major shade at Shane Beamer. As we reported about a week ago, a Talkin’ Season clip of Mark Stoops had fans thinking he was speaking directly about Coach Beamer. Stoops said

“I think it’s the respect throughout the league… I’ve talked years ago about climate vs. culture. It’s easy to change a climate. You just change your uniforms, talk some game, dance around, put on some stupid sunglasses… But to change a culture is at the core.”

It’s hard not to attribute those comments from Stoops to being about Shane Beamer in that video where he puts on sunglasses and dances around to Soulja Boy’s ‘Turn My Swag On’, right? Right.

Crowd full of Gamecocks cheers wildly as Coach Beamer puts Kentucky’s Mark Stoops on blast over ‘cutlure and climate’ comments.

According to this recent tweet from A Sea of Blue, Mark Stoops says the comments had nothing to do with Coach Shane Beamer:

South Carolina’s head coach doesn’t see it that way and neither does the crowd. KY Insider‘s Tristan Pharis tracked down this clip from over the weekend showing Shane Beamer getting a South Carolina crowd riled up with comments about ‘climate and culture’. Clearly firing a direct shot back at Stoops and Kentucky as the crowd goes wild:

Some of the replies to that video are all over the place. There are plenty of ‘fire’ emojis. And other comments about people telling the coach to just shut up and win.

Here are a few tweets from both sides of the Shane Beamer-Mark Stoops feud:

The #20 ranked Kentucky Wildcats play host to the South Carolina Gamecocks on October 8th this season. It will be Kentucky’s 3rd SEC game of the season and 6th game of the season overall. There will certainly be tensions between both sides.

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