Shane Beamer Hilariously Channels Michael Scott In Perfect Recreation Of Scene From ‘The Office’

South Carolina Gamecocks football coach Shane Beamer

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It’s pretty hard to not be entertained by the various quirks that defined Michael Scott on The Office, but I don’t think anyone has ever watched the show and thought, “Man, I wish I had a boss like that.”

I can’t say I’m intimately familiar with what University of South Carolina head football coach Shane Beamer is like in real life, but I almost feel bad for the members of the Gamecocks based on just how well he’s able to channel the essence of Steve Carrell’s painfully awkward character.

I know like I’m far from the only person who would point to Jim Harbaugh if I was asked to name the one college football coach who has more things in common with Scott than any other man who patrols the sidelines (Michael is definitely the kind of guy who would hunt a 10-year-old to pad his stats during a game of laser tag).

However, Beamer is either a very good actor or exists on a very similar wavelength as the manager at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch based on a video the football team dropped on Thursday.

If you’ve watched The Office, you’re probably familiar with the scene where Michael and a few employees attempt to show off their legs with the help of the radar speed sign the police had placed outside their building.

Beamer and some members of the Gamecocks decided to recreate the scene in question and, well, it’s safe to say they nailed it.

Harbaugh actually played himself in an episode of the criminally underappreciated The Detroiters where he poked fun at his infamously competitive spirit, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to see Beamer take on a similar role at some point in the future based on the acting chops he showed off in that video.