Shane Lowry Curses At Fan Who Chirped Him At WGC Match Play Tournament

Golfer Shane Lowry

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Golf has traditionally been viewed as a “Gentleman’s Game” where etiquette and cordiality are supposed to reign supreme.

With that said, anyone who’s ever hacked their way to a triple-digit score over the course of 18 holes likely knows keeping your cool on the links is easier said than done.

You could argue the people who get paid to play golf for a living should be able to keep their emotions in check when you consider they’re accustomed to the pressure that comes with playing in a tournament.

However, it’s kind of hard to blame the pros for failing to suppress their feelings when there are literally millions of dollars on the line, and there’s no shortage of evidence highlighting the fact that even the best players are the planet have a bit of trouble restraining themselves from time to time.

Tiger Woods has never really been shy about swearing on the course when a shot doesn’t pan out as hoped (his outburst at The Masters in 2010 remains an all-timer), and Jon Rahm was captured unleashing a flurry of curse words after taking issue with the pin placement at an event earlier this year.

Now, Shane Lowry has gotten in on the action thanks to what unfolded during the first day of the WGC Match Play tourney at Austin Country Club.

Lowry needed a bit of a miracle to rally back against Taylor Montgomery after finding himself down two on the 17th hole, and he put himself in a good position by coming within 15 feet of the pin with his shot off of the tee.

Things took an interesting turn when he started walking toward the green thanks to a spectator who rubbed him the wrong way. It’s unclear what the fan in question said, but the broadcast definitely captured Lowry’s response, as he muttered, “You’re f****** hilarious, aren’t you?” as he strode past them.

Lowry would go on to miss his first putt before saving par, which marked the end of his round after Montgomery put things away with a par of his own.

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