Shannon Sharpe Goes Off On Cowboys For ‘Throwing Dak Prescott Under The Bus’

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Getty Image / Michael Owens

It’s been an interesting week for the Dallas Cowboys as there is still buzz surrounding their playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Now, Shannon Sharpe shares some choice words for the organization over a recent tweet that is surprisingly still up.

Almost immediately after the playoff loss, the Cowboys’ official Twitter account shared an article about what led to the team’s demise. However, it was worded in a way that kind of threw shade at quarterback Dak Prescott.

Many were surprised by the choice of words in the tweet. Mainly due to the fact that official team accounts don’t typically call out a player like that. On Tuesday, Shannon Sharpe expressed why he has an issue with the tweet and believes the Cowboys are “throwing Dak Prescott under the bus.”

Sharpe makes valid points. Especially when he offers an alternative way to word the tweet. This really isn’t a great look for the Cowboys. Due to the wording of the tweet, speculation could grow and fester about Prescott’s future.

In the end, it’s not like Dallas has many other options to improve the quarterback position. If anything, the front office needs to improve the weapons around him. Hopefully, the Cowboys can do that this offseason. If not, well, the team could be in for another disappointing season in 2023.