Shannon Sharpe Hints At What’s Next After ‘Undisputed’ Departure, ‘Stay Tuned’

Former "Undisputed" host Shannon Sharpe

Getty Image / Cindy Ord

The aftermath of Shannon Sharpe’s departure from Undisputed has been a bit wild.

He’s been liking tweets that indicate he and Skip Bayless were often butting heads, suggesting he might be throwing shade at his former co-host.

On the other hand, Undisputed must find a replacement before the NBA Finals conclude.

At the same time, many have pondered what’s next for Sharpe.

We might be getting an answer to those questions soon, as the NFL Hall of Famer hinted at what’s next for his career on social media.

Shannon Sharpe posted multiple pictures of himself tending to a garden. Some of the pictures also include a camera crew clearly working alongside him. Check it out for yourself.

Shannon Sharpe is likely to remain on TV after earning quite the reputation at Undisputed.

However, these garden posts don’t necessarily answer anything. Is he using the garden as a metaphor? Or is Sharpe planning to host a landscaping show?

Either way, it’s clear he’s working on his next media venture. Based on how much of a following he’s garnered during his time working with Skip Bayless, Sharpe can take most media jobs at this point and be fine.

Regardless, fans shared their reaction to Sharpe’s post.

Big if true.

Anybody else have the same problem?

As Sharpe says himself, “stay tuned” for what’s next in his career. I, for one, hope he remains in the sports world and doesn’t venture off to a gardening show.

But hey, if that’s his dream, then so be it.