Shannon Sharpe Suggests That J.J. Watt And Caroline Wozniacki Are DOING IT During NCAA Championship

Caroline Wozniacki and JJ Watt, a University of Wisconsin alum, are seated next to each other during the NCAA National Championship game in Indianapolis. Are they there together or is it just a court-side celebrity match-made-in-heaven? Who knows! That isn’t stopping Shannon Sharpe from suggesting the Texans superstar and the tennis icon are DOING IT on Twitter:

Nice zinger, Shannon.

See, J.J. Watt just bought a “minimalistic” $800,000 cabin (with an elevator inside!) for the offseason in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It sits on 35 acres of land and is generally regarded as a massive log home.

Maybe if Wisconsin pulls off the Championship, he’ll head back to his home state to give Wozniacki a private tour. That seems to be what Sharpe is suggesting… J.J. Watt’s rustic vacation home is the 100-million dollar man’s bone zone.

That’s the subtext here, right?

Conclusions? Rory is suddenly the world’s biggest Duke fan and will probably win the Masters this weekend…

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