Shaq Piles On Kevin Durant, Agrees With Charles Barkley’s ‘Abject Failure’ Remarks

Shaq Agrees With Charles Barkleys Failure Remarks About Kevin Durant

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Shaquille O’Neal heard Charles Barkley’s recent “abject failure” remarks about Kevin Durant and not only did he agree with them, he piled on with more criticisms.

“[Durant] gets mad when we say it—he piggybacked on the Warriors to win his first two championships. If you go back and look at his career, as the best player and being a leader, he’s been an abject failure,” Barkley said last week. “Every time he’s been the guy who has to be the leader and the best player, he has not had success.”

“He just seems like a miserable person. I call him Mr. Miserable,” he continued “He’s never going to be happy.”

Thursday on The Big Podcast, Shaq said, “Yeah, [Durant’s career outside of Golden State is an abject failure]. If you go back and look at his career as the best player and being the leader and all that goes with that. See we were there, we saw it. OKC, up 3-1. One more game, and when you’re the guy, all the pressure goes on you.

“Lotta people tlking about the bus driver… Chuck was absolutely right. He was not driving the bus in Golden State. You were on the bus, was sitting up front.”

Shaq made it very clear that he thinks Kevin Durant’s career has been a failure

When asked if Barkley looks at his own career as an “abject failure” because he doesn’t have any championships, Shaq replied, “He does and he says it all the time. And I throw it in his face all the time.”

Returning the subject of Kevin Durant being an “abject failure,” Shaq added, “When guys like us go, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa,’ and you win and we don’t respect it, don’t get mad at us, that’s how we feel.

“This is the attitude that Kevin Durant is going to say, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, I got this many points, and I got this, and I got that’ We’re talking about that. We’re talking about when you’re the guy, in championship moments, can you take it to the next level? We haven’t seen that yet.”

“If you’re the guy and you ain’t get it done, that means you failed,” Shaq concluded, then jokingly admitted that he doesn’t actually know what the word “abject” means.

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