Shaq Just Took To Instagram To Tell All LeBron’s Haters To Get The Fuck Over Themselves

Miami is in shambles. People are burning LeBron jerseys out of spite since he’s ditching them for Cleveland, they’re bitching on Twitter, they’re…well, they’re acting pretty butthurt, honestly. The one person who’s not getting all menstrual about it though? Shaq. In this eloquently worded Instagram post (well, as eloquent as Shaq can be, meaning it’s full of emoji’s and small words), he basically tells LeBron’s haters to get the fuck ova themselves.

For some reason he chose to put the colors of his jerseys in rainbow-order, or maybe that’s actually the order of the teams he played for. I could check, but I don’t care. All this is making me want to do is go watch Kazaam, because nothing screams “SHAQ” to me like seeing him run around dressed up like a genie and throwing 90’s-era special effects out of his fingertips.