A Very Tired-Looking Shaquille O’Neal Fell Asleep On Live TV


Big ole’ Shaq struggled mightily to keep his eyes open on TNT last night. Which, to be honest, is kind of surprising considering the Spurs and Cavs went down to the wire, with San Antonio winning 99-95. And hell, even the Sixers were able to take the Bulls to OT.

Alas, those weighty eyelids were too damn powerful.

But this wouldn’t be the first time a member of the TNT crew has showed just how real the struggle is to stay awake and discuss NBA basketball for seven figures a year.

Chuck’s battle against heavy eyelids in 2014 was an all-time classic.

When Mike Francesa takes the air today at 1PM Eastern, it wouldn’t surprise me if a caller got through the screening process to ask him about sleepy Shaq since he too once fell asleep live on-air even though, according to Francesa, he “NEVAH EVAH FELL ASWEEP!!”


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