Shaq Gave His Son Two Pimped-Out Cars For His 16th Birthday; Yes, Being The Son Of A Legend Is GREAT

Shaq DJ

Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef was gifted with two predictable birthday presents that any 16-year-old can come to expect on such a coveted day: A blue Lamborghini and a souped-up Jeep. Not exactly on the level of Marshawn Lynch’s custom Jeep, but pretty damn close.

Keep in mind though that this kid’s barely done growing and already has a more impressive car collection than a healthy majority of the entire WORLD.

Just feast your eyes on this Lambo. Thing is ridiculous.



The deflated-looking kid at left with his arms folded is basically saying in the most verbal non-verbal way possible, “Damn, DUDE, why can’t Shaq be my dad?”

And then there’s the Jeep, with big ole’ Shaq in the far background, presumably guarding the Lambo like a boss while his son finishes up the photoshoot.



Oh, and the 400 invitees were privy to a performance from raper Post Malone with P. Diddy’s sons presiding because that’s just how it’s done when your pops is a living legend. A very rich living legend.