600-Pound, 10-Foot Mako Shark Caught On The Sands Of PCB Just Feet From Spring Breakers

It’s peak Spring Break down in Panama City Beach with pool and beach goers raging non-stop, but as all that goes on fishermen are down at the beach reeling in 600-pound mako sharks capable of eating human beings.

Now I’m not saying don’t get in the water, because that’s foolish. Sharks are just as scared of you as you are of them. That said, it is their ocean and if they’re curious AND hungry, you might find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time (if you’re swimming in the Gulf of Mexico), and you should at least know what sort of shark fishing is taking place feet from where you’re swimming.

Somewhere in between Miss St QB Dak Prescott getting jumped at a Waka Flocka concert and the 24/7 Holiday Inn Pool Cam, the ‘Off The Beach Shark Fishing‘ crew based out of Panama City Beach managed to make their own headlines when they reeled in this 10-foot, 600-pound Mako Shark up onto the same sands where spring breakers have been raging since last week.

WMBB MyPanhandle reports:

Don’t tell fisherman Matt Pemberton that there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

The Panama City Beach native makes his living catching the biggest fish the water has to offer.

“We take locals and tourists all over the beach,” said Pemberton of Off the Beach Shark Fishing. “We try to stay on the east end where there aren’t any swimmers and we try to catch some big sharks.”

Friday night the Gulf gave Pemberton, his crew, and customers the fight of their life when a more than 600 pound shark caught hold of their line.

“The fight was a long fight,” said Pemberton. “Wore us all out, really.”

Seven men and an hour and a half later the team had their prize in the form on a 10 foot long Mako Shark.

“It was pretty impressive I couldn’t believe it,” said Douglas Harlan, vacationing from Indiana. “It just blew my mind to land something that big — I never expected anything like that.”

The fishermen kept the shark as Mako is a popular shark to eat, and the Panhandle is a region that LOVES them some shark!

Here’s a few more pics from the ‘Off The Beach Shark Fishing Trips’ Facebook Page:

Now keep in mind this 600-pound, 10-foot long shark was caught in the very same beach that tens of thousands of spring breakers are partying on all this month…Even if your chances of dying from lightning strike are 30 TIMES more likely than dying from a shark attack the fact that massive shark is out there swimming just off the beach makes me a bit uneasy.

At the very least if you’re there for Spring Break might I suggest not getting in the water at night?

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