The Panama City Holiday Inn Pool Webcam Is Back For Spring Break And It’s GLORIOUS

For the past three years, we’ve posted about the most incredible spring break webcam to watch during the month of March: The Panama City Beach Holiday Inn’s pool webcam. It’s just a continuous 24/7 stream of the pool at one of the biggest spring break hotels in the country. If you think webcams that don’t involve someone taking their clothes off can’t be exciting, you have no idea what you’re missing out on: Every afternoon during the month of March, between 2 – 6PM, college kids in PCB start having a dance party by the Holiday Inn’s pool. This results in some absolute ridiculousness.

For example, J.Camm spotted this Bro with a backwards white hat on possibly boning in the pool. I’m a little more skeptical.

And then there’s the dance party itself, which always features some hilariously-bad dance moves:

Part of the charm is that the spring break webcam happens without any sound. So you have to imagine what is unfolding while watching all these people dance in all their awkward spring break glory. If your college days are long in the rearview mirror, it’s a fun thing to throw on from your work desk and have a throwback to your college glory days. Oh to be young again.

Watch it here. Or stream it below. I have no idea what it looks like if you’re on your mobile device, but I’m sure it’s kind of shitty. General poor college shittiness is part of the entire spring break webcam experience. Sometimes it craps out because it can’t handle the bandwidth of BroBible readers pretending like they’re young and on spring break again. All I’m saying is don’t miss out and have PCB webcam FOMO, ’cause you never know what’s going to unfold.

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