CBS Sports Radio Host Doubles Down On Worst Take Of The NCAA Tournament

San Diego Padres fans

Getty Image / Matt Thomas

The San Diego State Aztecs are set to face an uphill battle against UConn in the Men’s NCAA National Championship tonight in Houston.

They’re underdogs but if tonight is anything like Saturday, the Aztecs will be the loudest fanbase in the stadium. They were by far the loudest block of fans on Saturday night from where I was sitting at NRG Stadium.

After that buzzer beater, a video went viral on Twitter showing fans at the San Diego Padres game celebrating the Azctec’s come-from-behind win:

CBS Sports radio host Shaun Morash took exception to San Diego fans celebrating their team advancing to the school’s first-ever National Championship. He went off in what Ryan Phillips of The Big Lead is calling the ‘worst radio take’ he’s ever heard.

He later doubled down:

After getting called out for his horrific take that ‘real fans’ have to be in front of a TV watching the Aztecs or they are simply not allowed to celebrate at all, he responded on Twitter and tripled down:

I, for one, have a smartphone in my pocket capable of streaming any game from anywhere on the planet for the right price. I’m no stranger to streaming a Lightning game on my phone while my Rays are playing in front of me.

Nevertheless, this take is just bad. Nobody ‘hates hearing truths.’ There is literally no limit to the number of reasons an SDSU fan might have found themselves at a Padres game celebrating but I won’t bother going down that road and poking holes. What’s the point?

You’re allowed to root for multiple teams. You and you alone make the rules. Don’t listen to the chatter. Bad take is bad, moving on.

Can’t wait to be back in these seats tonight:

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