SDSU’s Game-Winning Buzzer Beater Call In Spanish Is Absolutely Electric

SDSU game-winner

Getty Image / Mike Lawrie

The NCAA Tournament is coming to an end soon after having a dramatic Final Four finish.

SDSU locked in a championship bid with a wild game-winner at the buzzer-beater that had college basketball fans ecstatic.

However, the Spanish call on the final play might just be the best thing you’ll hear all weekend.

Big Play shares the Spanish call of the Aztecs’ game-winning shot by Lamont Butler.

You might not speak Spanish, but if you’re like me, that call sent shivers down your spine.

Couple that with the pop from the crowd and you have yourself an instant March Madness classic. Many college basketball fans felt the same way.

Non-Spanish speakers don’t know what it means, but it gets the people going!

Uncle Mark is anonymous on Twitter, but he gets it!

Lamont Butler cemented his shot in the history books, as many will include his buzzer-beater with other classic shots we’ve seen through the years.

SDSU punched their ticket to the National Championship game and are set to take on the Connecticut Huskies on Monday night.

Hopefully, it’ll be as good of a game as the Aztecs’ matchup against Florida Atlantic. If so, then we’ll certainly be in for a treat.

Make sure to tune into the SDSU-Connecticut game on Monday, April 3 on CBS. Tip-Off is at 9:20 P.M. Eastern.