Shedeur Sanders Flexes QB1 Status With NIL Gift To His Team, Coach Prime Praised For Impact On Boulder

Shedeur Sanders with head coach Deion Sanders at the Colorado spring game.

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The Colorado football team is prepping for a Week 1 trip to Fort Worth, and they’ll now have something to make the flight more enjoyable. Quarterback Shedeur Sanders gave his team the gift of Dre Beats via an NIL partnership.

The gift will certainly make an impact as players show their gratitude in a recent social media post.

Sanders takes over under center after spending two seasons at Jackson State. During that stint, the former four-star recruit threw for nearly 7,000 yards and 70 touchdowns.

That production led his father and head coach to push for Heisman recognition, and he’s hoping to see it continue in the move to the PAC 12.

Shedeur won the starting role almost immediately upon stepping foot on campus. The passer hasn’t disappointed, earning rave reviews from both those in and outside of the program this offseason.

If he hadn’t already won over the locker room with his leadership and play on the field, he certainly did so with his latest gesture.

The passer surprised teammates with Dre Beats and backpacks ahead of that season opening matchup.

“Got to my locker today and there were Beats,” said safety Trevor Woods. “Shedeur gave everyone Beats.”

Kicker Jace Feely, who was recently seen booting an impressive 62-yard field goal to end practice, said he was “thankful” for Shedeur Sanders’ gift.

Deion Sanders praised for off-field impact on Boulder.

While attending a banquet earlier this week, the Colorado head coach was recognized for his impact on the city of Boulder.

“We appreciate the support you’ve displayed to our local businesses and residents… Even before you’ve gotten the chance to demonstrate your proven prowess on the football field, I know I speak for the entire business community in our embrace of you and your family.”

We’ve already seen an incredible shift in the culture and publicity surrounding the football program, but the CU staff wanted to express its gratitude for everything done away from the field.

Some we’d already seen.

Look no further than the Boulder restaurant scene as shrimp ‘n grits suddenly became a staple on menus following Coach Prime’s arrival.

The school is certainly reaping the benefits of having Sanders at the helm having already sold out the 2023 football season.

That campaign will begin on Saturday against TCU. We’ll see if the Buffs can pull the upset.