WWE Star Finds Loaded Handgun In Glove Compartment Of Rental Car

by 1 year ago
rental car line


Renting a car is usually a painless experience. Occasionally a person will get handed a clunker, be forced to drive a car smaller or larger than desired or find a car in complete disarray.

WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin found something much, much worse in his rental car. He found a loaded handgun. Worst of all, Benjamin found the gun FOUR DAYS after renting the car from Budget in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Benjamin posted the account on Twitter and was obviously more than a little pissed.

Thank God Benjamin discovered the gun before anyone else. Benjamin, who’s African American, would likely have an impossible time explaining his way out of the situation had he been pulled over. The “it’s not mine, I swear” defense has never worked. Ever.

Budget responded to Benjamin’s tweet Wednesday evening informing him that the company turned the incident over to local law enforcement “for an appropriate investigation.”

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