The Sh*ttiest Things That Happened In Football This Week


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After watching my Ohio State Buckeyes absolutely implode the other day against the Michigan State Spartans, it’s safe to say that I’m feeling a little salty following the number of football games I watched all weekend long. Not only did the Bucks look like they forgot that the forward pass was legal, but they then had a bunch of star players throw their coaches under the bus following the loss.

My Buckeyes weren’t the only things in football that sucked this weekend, though, as these are the other shitty things that happened in college and pro football this week—so grab some tequila shots to help these get erased from your mind, bros.

5. Wisconsin’s Cheerleaders Get Pelted With Snowballs…By Their Own Fans

// Wisconsin Badgers fans were throwing snowballs at refs following an overturned touchdown call—also a shitty thing that happened this week—fans in Camp Randall were having some friendly fire, tossing packed ice together and tossing them at their own fucking cheerleaders

I’m totally for having a massive snowball fight in the stands—that shit’s fun—but turning on those poor ‘leaders by pelting them is a bad look, and it caused the cheerleading team to head off the field because of it.

I won’t say this is the reason the Badgers lost but…. well, karma is a bitch, guys.

4. The Bengals Give The Cardinals A Chip Shot For The Win

After watching, arguably, the best Sunday Night Football game of the season to this point between the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals, it ended in one of the most bizarre ways possible—right before the game-winning field goal.

In a rare fucking call by an NFL ref, the Bengals were flagged for “disconcerting signals,” otherwise known as calling out the snap count to try and make Cardinals players move before the snap for a false start penalty. Rather than the Cards getting caught, though, it was the Bengals, who ended up giving ‘zona a free 15 yards in the process, making the game-winning kick all but a gimme.

I don’t know if I’m more pissed off at the refs for actually calling this or the Bengals for doing it, but, either way, it was pretty shitty to see happen with about six seconds left on the game clock. Fuck, the refs should’ve just let these two teams settle the score in overtime.

3. New Detroit Lions President Says He’s Unqualified For His Own Job, Gives Lions Fans ZERO Faith

// years, the Detroit Lions have been a fucking laughingstock in the NFL, incapable of putting together a consistent winner and seeing top draft picks bust bigger than almost any other team in the league.

While the Lions have had some success over the past few years, 2015 hasn’t been kind to them, with their record sitting at 3-7 and a few members of the front-office and coaching staff having already been canned for falling back into obscurity.

With the team naming Ron Wood as their new President, one would hope that he’d bring a positive energy and new passion to the job, right?

Well, here’s what the dude had to say at his introductory presser last week: He continued by saying he he’s “not a football guy,” but that he’s good at, “hiring great people and letting them do their job.” Well, this is going to end really poorly for the Lions, don’t you think?

2. A Washington Redskins Player Blames The Ref For Bad Calls Because Of The Team’s Controversial Name


The Washington Redskins got their asses rocked against the Carolina Panthers, turning the ball over five times and letting opposing QB Cam Newton throw five TD passes, but Skins player Jason Hatcher believed it was the refs who lost the game for them—and his reasoning is fucking insane.

After the blowout loss, Hatcher told reporters that he actually believed that the zebras made bad calls against the Redskins because of their controversial team nickname, which has been a sour subject forever.

Hatcher had this to say:

“It is what it is. I don’t know if it’s about the name or what, but at the same time, we play football too. We work our butt off too.”

“Don’t single us out,” . “At the end of the day, it’s the name. Don’t worry about the name. We’re players and we work our butt off too.”

“I’m frustrated with it. We shouldn’t have to be punished for that. Every game, just calls after calls should’ve been made in our favor but it goes to them. It’s just not right.”

The Skins suck, their excuses for losing suck and the team nickname sucks, what is there to be excited about in D.C.?

1. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Defense


This isn’t a game that I watched live—thank God—but after seeing the final score, following along on social media and checking out the stats of some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ players, I can tell you that the Philadelphia Eagles’ D might have just grabbed the crown as the shittiest in the NFL right now.

It’s bad enough to get blown out by a team as crappy as the Bucs, losing 45-17. It’s an entirely different shit level when a rookie quarterback tosses five TD passes and a running back whose been pretty inconsistent the past couple seasons bulldozes for 235 yards on 27 carries—nearly a 9-yard average.

The Eagles are a fucking joke, so the pathetic defensive performance against the Bucs only confirmed that it’s more than a poor offense that’s making this team one of the worst in the league.

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