Sisqo Just Re-Recorded The ‘Thong Song’ And Now It’s About LeBron James

It’s been a hot minute since I last thought about the rapper Sisqó or the ‘Thong Song’ which made him famous. But earlier today a friend of mine tipped me off that Sisqó would be appearing on Colin Cowherd’s show and premiering a newly recorded version of the ‘Thong Song’. Only this time the song would be about LeBron James.

I’ll be honest with you, this morning was the first time I’ve ever tuned into Colin Cowherd’s show on FS2, but I’m glad I did because Sisqó’s bringing the HEAT on the microphone.

Will I ever tune into Colin Cowherd’s show again? Probably not. I can’t stand his voice or his sensational takes that always turn out to be complete bullshit. He’s a man who exists in ‘sports entrainment’ forthe sake of ratings. I get that, and I enjoyed Sisqó’s new song, but I’m not trying to get my sports news from someone who is wrong 95% of the time.