Sixers Fan Curses At LaVar Ball And Yells ‘Your Sons Suck’ Right To His Face

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Philly fans are different breed. Last night, LaVar Ball decided to make an appearance at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia at last night’s Sixers-Lakers game. Ball, who has been embroiled in a beef with outspoken Sixers center Joel Embiid, was booed and cursed at by Sixers fans throughout the game.

One Sixers fan got pretty ballsy and told LaVar that sons suck right to his face.

Despite the encounter with the asshole heckler, LaVar seemed to enjoy his time in Philadelphia and had nothing but good things to say about the city and their fans.

People expect me to be in Philly talking about, ‘I don’t like Philly, I told you we were gonna beat them,'” Ball said to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Casey Feeney. “I don’t got to say all that, they all good people.

“So far, Philly has got the best hospitality we’ve been around, but we’ve been to Phoenix, too, they were good.”

After the game, LaVar did end up patching things up with Joel Embiid after the two were involved in a war of words during the off season.

LaVar seems like a pretty chill dude when he doesn’t have a mic in his face and is in his WWE heel persona.

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