Sixers’ Joel Embiid Threatened To ‘Slap The Sh-t” Out Of Teammate Shake Milton During Timeout

The Sixers played their first official game back during the NBA season restart on Saturday and the team is already having chemistry issues.

During a timeout in the first quarter of the Sixers-Pacers game, teammates Joel Embiid and Shake Milton got into a heated exchange on the sideline.

In the middle of the exchange, Embiid could be seen saying “Imma slap the shit out of you” before being pulled away by several of his teammates.

After the game, Embiid downplayed the incident with Milton while speaking to the media.

Via NBC Sports

“It’s basketball,” he said. “Everybody makes mistakes. It happens. We’ve gotta communicate better. As players, it happens everywhere. … You discuss what’s going on and you move on, you find a solution. But it’s nothing. It happens. It happens on every team and you just figure it out and you move on, and I’m sure everybody’s going to be better moving forward.”

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