Skateboarders Tearing Up An Empty Waterpark Is Your Don’t Try This At Home Video Of The Day



It’s that time of year when we’re just praying that this sunny, warm weather isn’t just a once-in-a-while thing, but an every day thing, giving us a reason to stay outside, hit up the beach and, of course, get to a waterpark or two.

And even though I’m no longer a teenager who jumps at the chance to go down a water slide at 20 miles per hour and hit pee-infested water, I’ll still go every now and again if I get the chance to.

You know who else loves water slides? Skateboarders—and the ones from this video are certifiably crazy, because they’re not gliding down on water, but doing a bunch of insane tricks when the park’s closed for the winter.

It’s official, skateboarders have the biggest balls of any people I know, because this would seriously make me dribble some pee down my leg at the thought of dropping in.

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