Skip Bayless Gets Crushed On Twitter After He Tried To Troll Aaron Rodgers And LeBron James Following Rodgers Amazing Comeback Win

Last night, Aaron Rodgers returned from injury in the second of his game against the Bears and pulled off one of the most amazing comeback wins in the history of the NFL.

Immediately after the game Fox Sports blowhard couldn’t help himself from taking a shot at Aaron Rodgers and somehow found a way to take a dig at LeBron James as well.

Early this morning on his show Skip doubled down on his comments and even insinuated that Rodgers was being dramatic about his injury like LeBron.

All I know is that we saw Aaron Rodgers ride off into the locker room in a cart early in the second quarter and as we saw him go it looked to me that when he first got into the cart he was shaking his head and that it looked like he had tears in his eyes, his eyes looked wet to me like they were glistening like he thought he was done.Was he more scared than hurt? Or is it possible it was LeBron James memorial, over-the-top, ovvereaction, melodrama to an injury because we’ve seen LeBron do it a lot of times.

They remind me of each other because Aaron Rodgers is to Tom Brady what LeBron James is to Michael Jordan.

Of course NFL fans had to crush Skip for his ridiculous take.