Skip Bayless Fires Back At Ezekiel Elliott’s Mom After She Called Him Out For Trashing Her Son’s Jersey

Skip Bayless fires back at Ezekiel Elliott's mom after he trashed Cowboys' RB's jersey

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Skip Bayless has one of the biggest mouths on TV, with the FS1 host always lending his opinion on everything under the sun; and loudly. But if you really want to get Bayless going, just have him talk about the Dallas Cowboys, who he’s been a fan of since he was younger. Unfortunately, being such a supporter comes with its ups and downs, meaning Skip often expresses serious hot takes and does absurd things when the Cowboys let him down.

That was the case this past Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, as the Cowboys put up a pathetic performance during a 28-24 loss on Sunday night. While the team fell to 5-4 with the defeat, it was star running back Ezekiel Elliott who got called out hard by Skip Bayless the next morning, with the host even trashing his No. 21 jersey following a 20 carry, 47-yard performance. Considering Zeke signed a massive six-year, $90 million contract extension with the team a few months ago, Bayless couldn’t help but point blame at the Pro Bowler, with the TV personality posting this video to let his thoughts be known.

Following the video of Skip Bayless tossing Elliott’s jersey in the trash, Elliott’s mom, Dawn Elliott, came to her son’s defense, going after the FS1 personality in a playful, but very motherly, way.


And now? Well, Skip Bayless doubled down on his criticism of Ezekiel Elliott, talking about Mama Elliott’s reaction on Undisputed, simply stating why he continues to bash the Cowboys running back. Take a look at the video below.

Welp, considering Skip and Ezekiel Elliott’s mom are now going at one another, it’s officially a feud. Of course, Bayless could change his tune a bit if Zeke bounces back this weekend and goes off against the Detroit Lions, but, even then, he may draw more attention to himself for waffling back and forth, which is something he would probably never want to be accused of doing.

The fact that Bayless said that he “cannot defend her (Dawn Elliott’s) son when he doesn’t deserve being defended,” is quite the take, and it only proves that Skip isn’t putting too much faith in the running back right now.

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