Skip Bayless Insists Manny Pacquiao Beat Floyd Mayweather, Is Out Of His Damn Mind


ESPN aired First Take again this morning because people trapped in the hospital without a remote aren’t under enough duress. Skip Bayless, the more contrarian of the two caricatures paid handsomely to say things they don’t really believe on television, decided to use his time to put forth an absurdly idiotic theory.

That Manny Pacquiao was the rightful winner on Saturday night.

If you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’re brave enough to watch 26 minutes of manufactured nonsense.


Now, to be fair, Pacquiao also thought he was the rightful winner but he had the excuse of being savagely beaten about the head to fall back on.

Not sure what Bayless can pin this on outside of cheap ratings ploys.

Just asking here: is there anyone out there who still thinks this show is real and hasn’t gone full pro wrestling?

[H/T: Fansided

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