5 Reasons To Watch SmackDown This Week — Besides The Fact That Random Fans Storm The Ring

With Extreme Rules less than two weeks away, you’d think this week’s SmackDown results would be all about furthering feuds for April 26th. But with Rollins, Rusev, Ambrose and Reigns absent from the card and touring the UK, it was a departure from the typical two-hour long pay-per-view commercial.

Like anything in wrestling, Tuesday night’s taping was about selling what they had — enough talent, solid matches and a few surprises.

Here’s why we’ll be watching WWE SmackDown at O2 Arena in London. Bring it, b show.

R-Truth And The Spider-Walk Meet Again

Sure, we’ve seen R-Truth-Bray Wyatt matches before, but not since Truth’s crazy peaked prior to WrestleMania. His belt kleptomania may have stopped, but he’s still as much of an unpredictable good time as Wyatt is. The only thing better than pinning them against each other would be teaming these two weirdoes up.

The Miz Fights Someone Other Than Mizdow

Bad News Barrett takes on The Miz this week and that moneymaker is aching for a bull-hammer. He’s no Mizdow but BNB has home court, or at least home country advantage. And with the Miz going up against other wrestlers on the main roster, there’s hope for Mizdow to do the same while maintaining his gimmick. Until then, he gets to make out with Summer Rae, which is not a bad deal either.

They Remembered The Man That Gravity Forgot

If BNB has hometown heat then Neville is on the verge of bursting into flames. Making his TV debut less than three weeks ago, he has gotten over with fans faster than you can say Neville. This week he goes up against Sheamus who’s got at least a half a foot on him, not including his stupid Mohawk. We won’t spoil it (you can easily do that yourself) but the phrase “this is awesome” still applies.

The Dolph and Sheamus Feud Picks Up More Steam

That Mohawk and barbed beard need to be stopped, but also hilariously ridiculed first. What man could be better for the job than Ziggler? That showoff is one of the best trash talkers that can hang in the ring with guys twice his size. And given Sheamus’ war on munchkins, this might be the only aspect of this week’s SmackDown results that has anything to do with Extreme Rules.

Daniel Bryan Is In The Main Event

It’s been a rough week for the “Yes Movement” with rumors of Daniel Bryan’s poor health and news of him reportedly being pulled from the WWE European tour.

Though he isn’t 100% and they are clearly being careful, putting him in the main event alongside Cena and against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro somewhat soothes our sense of crisis. Kidd and Cesaro fans might argue that this isn’t the best way for the tag team champions to main event, but having such skilled workers in the ring with Bryan and Cena was likely the safest way to put on the best possible show.

And when it comes to Bryan’s career, it’s understandably “safety first.”

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