SO STUPENDOUS, EPISODE 2: NHL Legend Jeremy Roenick ‏On Coors Light, Golfing With Jordan, And Trash Talk With Patrick Roy

What’s up, everyone. Brandon here. BroBible dude with the beard and beer belly. Last week I launched a interview-driven podcast series for BroBible called SO STUPENDOUS. My first guests include legendary Nickelodeon Double Dare host Marc Summers, along with NASCAR Driver Joey Logano and late night TV legend/car enthusiast Jay Leno. Thanks to everyone who subscribed on the iTunes Podcast app.

I’ll be pushing these out on Wednesday moving forward. Episode 2 of SO STUPENDOUS, which is now live on the iTunes Podcast app, includes conversations with NASCAR driver Chase Elliot and Top Chef/restauranteur Michael Voltaggio.

It opens, however, with a lengthy chat with NHL Hall Of Famer Jeremy Roenick, one of the most iconic hockey badasses of all time. Currently hosting the Stanley Cup Playoffs studio show for NBC Sports, Roenick played all over the place in his 18 NHL season career: The Chicago Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, and San Jose Sharks, along with Team USA.

The folks at Coors Light – the official beer of NHL Hockey  – were kind enough to bring Roenick by for a wild conversation on puck. A few of the topics we hit on: How he doesn’t think Tom Wilson is a dirty player,  how stick technology is causing insane advances to the game, what it was like hanging around sports Chicago in the ’90s, and his infamous spat with Patrick Roy.

Starts around the 7 minute mark of SO STUPENDOUS, now available in the iTunes Podcast appYou can also stream it in the player below.

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Thanks for liking and subscribing… Many cheers to Coors Light for making such a badass conversation happen.

Chicago was probably one of the best places in the world to be professional sports royalty in the ’90s… Any notable moments from the pre-social media era? 

I used to play golf with Jordan a lot. I used to run around town with Chris Chelios, Ron Harper, and Dennis Rodman. We used to hang out after Bulls games. Dennis Rodman used to love to go to Benihana and crack open a bunch of sake bottles. A lot of the times we would hang out with a lot of the Bulls and a couple baseball players. Mike Huff, a White Sox player – used to rub shoulders with him. Just a lot of good dudes that you’d find at the bar and end up having some good times and good conversations with. But I agree with you – The ’90s in Chicago were pretty damn good.

Was Rodman as much of a wild child as -? 

More. More. The reputation proceeds him.

How close did you ever get to beat Jordan in a round of golf? 

Uh. Every time. And he’ll say different, but I say every time. He’s a lot of fun to play with, there’s no question about it. I once played 36 holes with him the day of a game in April he was playing. He played 36 holes then he went out and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and scored 42 points.

He’s an amazing man.

Do you guys still play together? 

No. He’s barricaded himself

Your exchange with Patrick Roy in the 1996 Western Conference Semifinals is one of the the most legendary trash talk moments in sports history. Have you guys ever revisited it?  

We’ve talked about it. Because of those exchanges and the respect that we have for each other on the ice, we’ve become friends. We admire each other for the crews that we’ve had and for the way that we played the game. That exchange will go down as one of the best exchanges between superstars ever. So it’s definitely one that I cherish and I’m glad happened.

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