Soccer Fan Runs Onto Field And Then Manages To Escape Security In A Feat That Would Make James Bond Proud

by 1 year ago

LOUD. This video is very loud. So if you’re wearing headphones you should turn down the volume before hitting play because the person filming this video has somehow managed to capture all of the crowd noise as this crazy fan escapes the least interested security force in history.

Why do the security guards seem so unenthused? Well, it’s Russia. They DGAF about anything other than chugging vodka and hacking emails, right?

Anyways, this soccer fan pulled off one of the most miraculous escapes I’ve ever seen from a man who has rushed the pitch, and I’m still impressed after watching this video five times. The fact that he manages to use his soccer scarf to narrowly evade arrest is straight up amazing. This is a maneuver I’d expect to see Jackie Chan or James Bond pull off, not some random drunk Russian dude at a soccer game.

Here in America our fans run on the field and get hit with a taser, or tackled by obese security guards (always in Philly), but I’ve never seen an American fan get away like this and I suddenly find myself wishing we’d set the bar for charging the field a little higher.

[h/t r/videos]


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