Soccer Announcer Loses It After Player Tackles Himself And Loses The Ball

If I had to list off some of the most embarrassing moments in my life, without a doubt my #1 worst moment would be when I hit a 3-pointer in my middle school league on the wrong basket. Ridiculed isn’t even a strong enough word. I couldn’t throw something in the garbage without someone asking if I was sure that was the right basket. It was probably 200x worse because this was right around when everyone was starting to learn about sex so there were a lot of jokes about missing the holes that pretty much no one understood but everyone laughed at. Except me. I cried.

That being said, at least my embarrassment was limited to the hallways of my middle school. Unlike this soccer player who embarrassed himself on national television when he tripped himself up and lost the ball.

How about that announcer? He makes those bullies in middle-school look tame as hell. Guy literally laughs at the player on television. You can’t do that. The player’s family is probably huddled around their TV already mortified to be wearing his jersey and then they hear the announcer laughing at him. There’s no recovering from that. He’ll always be the player who got laughed at on TV. Imagine the flack he’ll catch when his coaches eventually dump him for being an uncoordinated gorrilla? “Thanks for trying out but there’s no way we can have a televised laughing stock anywhere near this team. Also, you owe us for parking. Just don’t come back.” Brutal. Thank God most of the kids from my middle school did too many drugs in college and forgot about me. It’s the small victories like these that this player will never be blessed with.

Also, here that “tackle” is again because come on, we all know once wasn’t enough.

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