Soccer Superstar Charged With Rape Of 23-Year-Old Woman In France After World Cup Run

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Paris Saint-Germain is one of, if not the richest club soccer team on the planet.

They’re the predominant power in France’s Ligue 1 and feature superstar names such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

But with those superstar names has also come a number of issues.

Messi has previously dealt with an investigation over tax evasion. Neymar faced a two-year prison sentence over fraud charges. While Mbappe has done everything he can in recent months to try to leave the club.

But those each pale in comparison to the latest incident.

Moroccan Soccer Superstar Achraf Hakimi Charged With Rape

PSG superstar Achfraf Hakimi, one of the best defenders on the planet, is now facing rape charges following a preliminary investigation in France.

Paris Saint-Germain defender Achraf Hakimi has been charged with rape, the prosecutor’s department of Nanterre told ESPN on Friday.

A preliminary investigation was opened against Hakimi last week after a 23-year-old woman went to the police accusing him of rape.

The woman didn’t press charges, but the gravity of her testimony meant the prosecution office still decided to open an investigation.

The prosecution office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre said Hakimi was questioned on Thursday by investigators probing rape allegations. He was then indicted by an investigating judge and placed under judicial supervision. – via ESPN

Hakimi, 24, joined the French giants after previous stints in Spain with Real Madrid and Italy with Inter Milan. He’s quickly flourished into perhaps the game’s best attacking right back.

But now the Moroccan international has been placed under police monitoring. He was also banned from contact with the alleged victim per ESPN’s report.

Though he is allowed to leave France.

Fans were shocked by the news.

Hakimi previously denied the charges and the club has already backed him publicly.

“According to the elements currently at the disposal of the police that M. Hakimi, in this case, is the victim of an attempt of racketeering,” a statement from his lawyer read.