Italian Soccer Team Blatantly Gives Up After Ref Blows Easiest Goal Call Ever

I’m what you call uber competitive. If I get beat fair and square, fine, but when it appears as if I get the wrong end of a deal, shit hits the fan REALLY quick.

After seeing this soccer ref blow an easy goal call—where the ball clearly goes wide and sneaks into the net because of a hole in the fucking thing—I would have gone apeshit, arguing and trying to prove my point till he kicked me out of the game and had someone drag me off the pitch.

So props to these Italian soccer players who kept their shit together, sort of, simply giving up and just quitting after they got screwed over. They might have lost them the game because of it, but at least they took a better approach than I would have—or other soccer players have that we’ve seen.

[H/T Deadspin]

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