Gamecocks Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Leading Suggestion For New Mascot Name

Gamecocks Fans Losing Their Minds Over New Mascot Name Suggestion

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The college football world is in absolute chaos right now between NIL deals and conference realignments. However, the South Carolina Gamecocks are facing an issue of their own as they must rename their mascot. One site decided to list some name suggestions and one has absolutely taken the internet by storm.

South Carolina Must Change Its Mascot’s Name

According to The State, a site dedicated to the state of South Carolina, Sir Big Spur can no longer be used as the mascot name for the Gamecocks. The reason is that the school doesn’t own the rights to it. Instead, the owners of the rooster do. Now, South Carolina must come up with a new name for their live mascot with the football season right around the corner.

The Gamecocks have yet to release any name suggestions, but luckily, The State has. Matt Baker shares his favorite three suggestions in Cluck Norris, Marco Pollo, and Cock Commander. Take a good guess at which one is trending on social media.

Gamecocks Fans Lose Their Mind Over Cock Commander Mascot Name Suggestion

Of course, Cock Commander is leading the way as the clear favorite. The State even provides a poll of 10 names to vote for and some have snapshot the perfect image with this name heavily in the lead.

Additionally, many are clamoring for Cock Commander to be the legitimate name of the live mascot. Although it’s not likely the Gamecocks follow through with it, it’s still hilarious to ponder.

Give the people what they want! Do it Gamecocks! Pull the trigger! We can only sit back and pray it comes to fruition even though it’s not likely.

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