South Carolina Players Are Accusing Clemson Players Of Using Racial Slurs During Game


Several South Carolina players are accusing Clemson players of using racial slurs during last night’s game between both teams.

Via The Post And Courier

“They called one of our defensive linemen—they used the N-word,” Gamecocks linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams told reporters, per David Caraviello of the Post and Courier. “An offensive lineman, I don’t know his number. … We’re going to get our get-back. Next year we play them in Williams-Brice Stadium, and we’re definitely going to have that game circled.”

Wide receiver Terry Googer also accused Tigers players of using slurs.

Defensive lineman Dante Sawyer also posted this message on his Twitter account before making it private.

racism still alive in Clemson i see.. classless sobs, still calling people n—— is crazy.

This is not a good look for Clemson if it turns out to be true.