South Carolina State Basketball Recruit Requested To Be Released From His Letter Of Intent And Got Denied For A Ridiculous Reason


Getty Image / C. Morgan Engel

  • Jasteven Walker asked South Carolina State to release him from his letter of intent
  • After waiting a month they denied him for a ridiculous reason
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South Carolina State doesn’t tend to be a team college basketball fans tend too much time thinking about during recruiting season. They aren’t a team that is ever really in the running to land particularly notable recruits.

There are good reasons for that. They play in a small conference and an even smaller arena that only holds 3200 people. Despite the size of their conference, they’ve only been able to earn its automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament 5 times, never being seeded higher than a 15 and haven’t been there since 2003.

With those things working against them, it takes something pretty noteworthy for South Carolina State to make headlines during recruiting season. Today, that something noteworthy isn’t anything good.

Back in November, a player named Jasteven Walker signed his Letter of Intent to join SCSU. Unfortunately, last month the head coach who recruited him left for another program. That led Walker to ask to be released from his LOI. Most schools tend to grant requests under these circumstances. SCSU waited a month and then denied the request.

Even worse than the denial is the reason they gave to deny him. They want him to meet the team’s new head coach, something they don’t even have yet.

This is just a ridiculous move from the program and it’s something they need to rectify immediately. It’s honestly ridiculous that the school even has the option to deny him. Hopefully they fix this soon or it will be a worse look for the program than going 1-17 during the 2020-21 season.